Help with Keyword Analysis

keywordsKeyword choice, placement, and analysis are the bread and butter of SEO or Search Engine Optimization. A keyword can also be a pair of words or a phrase. The funny thing about these phrases is that they aren’t necessarily grammatically correct or even spelled right and that’s okay. If your SEO consultant tells you that content needs to contain some misspelled words, don’t look at him funny. He knows what he’s talking about.

How Are These “Key Words” Chosen?

Customers choose certain words or phrases in order to bring up search engine results pertinent to their needs. They are in a hurry or don’t want to type a lot of words in. Their goal is to find something specific, so they choose wording that makes the most sense to them. Take a search for Japanese restaurants located in Seattle, Washington. The general search is “restaurants” which could lead to millions of hits, but the consumer specifies by asking for “Japanese restaurants” and hones his search to a sharper point by adding the locality where he wishes to eat. The keyword search might look like this:

“Japanese Restaurants, Seattle”

The writer might even install a preposition or state, but it’s unlikely. They aren’t necessary and add nothing to search results in this case (which would be different if the city was “London” in which case the searcher would specify “Ontario” or “England”).

Notice how the above search isn’t grammatically correct. Now imagine the consumer wants to be even more specific. She seeks gift certificates, menus, take-out options, vegetarian food, or ratings, adding one of these words between “Restaurants” and “Seattle,” possibly changing the plural to a singular in the case of “Restaurants.” Here’s what you get:

“Japanese Restaurant Gift Certificates, Seattle”

A search engine creates a short list which fits this search, although some pages further down the list might include just gift certificates or Japanese items sold in Seattle.

How Are the Words and Phrases Chosen by the Writers?

How does a content writer select keywords for a client’s content? Content leads a search engine to a business’s web page including catalogs, posts on restaurant and travel review pages, and social media. The content writer (often an SEO consultant) determines the ways in which people usually look for the topic at hand. Analytical tools expose the fact that “restaurant” is frequently spelled “restuarant,” so some content should also be misspelled. Analytics also determine that most of Seattle’s Japanese eateries are discovered by typing in “Seattle Japanese Dining,” changing the order of words and replacing “restaurant” with “dining.”

What Now?

Reports from analysis have determined how the usual browser researches her topic. Now, a writer has to generate leads which bring a consumer right to her blog post or menu listing. This content must include the words above in exactly the order which consumers type them in. That might require some fancy grammar or odd arrangements can be satisfied with sub-headings. Would the usual SEO client know how to find this information or know what to do with it? Probably not. Experts don’t stop here either. They regularly analyze which keywords are successful and advise changes if they’ll help a firm attract customers.