Getting a Great Website

Websites computer screensEven with mobile phones and store fronts, consumers are drawn to their PCs. They can’t help but appreciate the convenience of shopping from home, looking up stuff from work, or having access to the internet via laptop in bed. Whether you run a health service, engineering consultation firm, or a candy store, your website has to look professional to these viewers. Each of these examples, however, will set its own tone.

Internet Atmosphere

Let’s say you run a rehab clinic. This is a serious sort of business; one in which you meet people at the most desperate points in their lives. They seek counseling, group therapy, and advice on how to live without drugs or alcohol. This is no place for levity. At the same time, potential clients want to feel welcome; as though this will be a warm and welcoming, safe place to be vulnerable with perfect strangers. How does a rehab clinic set this tone when they build a website?

What about a confectioner’s shop? This is an entirely different sort of industry; one in which bright colors and smiling customers rule the day. Few people leave a candy store feeling low because of the joy they feel just walking in and looking at all of the vivid shades of jelly beans and smelling the aroma of fudge in many flavors. How might a shop create the sort of inviting tone needed to promote this business?

Who Knows?

You might have an idea, but your job is to make candy or help people with addictions and mental health issues. SEO is not your strong suit. Why not call an expert to assist? His training and experience has shown what works and what doesn’t. He can set the right tone using specific fonts, text colors, and backgrounds. He will install appropriate graphics or videos as needed.

Fountain of Fonts

Playing around with text in blue, magenta, red, and yellow is a lot of fun when you’re only experimenting. Fonts like Minerva, Cracked Johnnie, and AR Bonnie are a lot of fun to try out on a whim when your whim isn’t going online, but not necessarily suitable for your website. Ask yourself: will purple writing be easy to read? Will it set the right tone? Search engines don’t penalize companies for choosing ridiculous textual styles, but when customers find these pages they leave hurriedly as a result of the eye-chafing shades and fonts they cannot fathom.


Here’s something else an SEO pro will assist you with: pictures. Every engaging web page features images, but these are always part of a catalog. What makes an image attractive? It’s taken in good light, is set at a revealing angle, and is large enough for the viewer to make out essential parts. There might be several shots one can scroll through or a zoom feature. The background contrasts with this item so it shows up well, but that contrast is created by a neutral shade: usually white or black.

Website Renewal

Even if your business webpage is doing well, it’s possible the page could do better. Book an SEO analysis and have things checked over. A few adjustments might turn “okay” into “outstanding.”