Let Us Analyze Your Internet Strategy

SEO drawn on boardMany companies start with a plan to spread their business name across the internet. They build a website without external support and do a decent job of creating a presence, but they don’t generate leads or the conversions they expected. This is a natural and common problem, but it’s bad business not to call in an SEO consultant like us when search engines don’t find you, customers don’t call, and internet users choose not to click on links to your business if they can find these at all.

Call the Experts

What good can our team of Delaware SEO consultants do if your website is already up and running? How can we stop this problem from dragging you down and out of business? Plenty of companies from Wilmington, Newark, and in nearby states of New Jersey and Philadelphia have asked us these very same questions and this is what they discovered.


You don’t know what’s wrong with a sore body until the doctor calls for tests: an X-Ray, blood tests, or a CT scan, for example. When your SEO strategy is ailing, experts also conduct tests. We¬†go to analytical sites to determine if a company is choosing the best keywords. We carefully¬†read comparison charts showing their performance against that of competitors. Consultants discover traffic rates for a client and compare these to conversions, arriving at a percentage and also a real number. Tests reveal a lack of backlinks or backlinks in poorly chosen locations, no social media, blogs that have gone stale, and much more.


One of the major problems firms have is that they aren’t generating leads; links within content which clients click on and lead to the firm’s website. They can be planted inside of blog articles, PPCs, Twitter posts, and bio pages. YouTube videos or videos on a company’s web page can also generate leads; people calling or emailing to request a quote for services or buy something.

Some of these leads will only cause traffic levels to rise and that’s a good start, but not good enough. If you have ever tried to sell a house, you know that when lots of people drive by, your hopes rise but they are dashed if no one comes in to look or people come in but no one makes an offer. Leads and traffic are no good without conversion.

Some of this is down to the business itself. They have to be promoting a product people want, sold at a price they find reasonable. Another element of success is how a business presents their products and whether they select currently popular keywords. A professional will assess whether the website loads quickly enough, analyze keywords, and critique the style of a page. Will consumers know what you sell after a quick glance at your landing page? If they get confused or try to go deeper but the website is badly organized, that’s a lead lost.


Once all problems are assessed and fixed where needed, the client needs to be sure he paid for something tangible to be done. Our SEO services include reporting at regular intervals. And, depending on the situation, we teach our clients how to find and interpret certain data for themselves too.